To whom it may concern, I am a customer who has been very satisfied over the years with the quality of your products. However, I have recently found some problems installing some of your devices onto new PCs and/or operating systems, because they are no longer officially supported. I understand that your company needs to move forward, and giving support for obsolete hardware can be quite expensive. That is why I beg you to consider the idea of donating obsolete drivers to the Free Software Foundation ( or any other free (as in "freedom") software organization. Your company is based on selling hardware devices, so your business model will not be menaced, and we are talking about unsupported drivers. Let me show you some of the advantages of donating such software: - Old drivers and devices will not be discontinued or abandoned, and people will be able to continue using them. - Your company could benefit from the expertise of the programmmers who decide to take care of these drivers. - Your company's image will be improved. Free (as in freedom) drivers will be good news for many people, and fantastic publicity for your company. This advantages could be even wider, should you consider to make all your drivers free software. Thank you very much for your time. Yours sincerely,

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