HexGlass is a little pretty tetris-like game. You can enjoy the game. And you can help author, who do not speak Spanish, to translate it to ,-) You can read about HexGlass in Spanish language here: Los juegos del Viernes – HexGlass. And in English if you like: Hexagonal Tetris game HexGlass is far from original, fun to play. You can visit the Project Home Page. But I want to talk about something else :-) I think that it is good idea to translate this game to wide range of languages for wide range of users. I'm looking for native speakers, who can help to localize. Spanish is spoken most of the world. And I would like to call Spanish community to help with translation. If you are ready to accept my invitation, I can offer you some ways of collaboration. First choice. If you are experienced Qt developer, you can prepare TS-file with localization. And send it to me. (Instructions: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/linguist-manager.html) Second choice. If you are far from Qt development, you can use simple web-interface on my home-page :-) (Contact me to get URL) You can contact me via e-mail: a.michurin@REPLACEIT@gmail.com. Two words more: 1. You can get newest version of HexGlass (1.0.4) to test new feature "autopause" (http://code.google.com/p/hexglass/downloads/list). 2. Let me know, how to mention your nik-name in CHANGES-file ,-) Thanks a lot! Best regards! --Alexey. upd: Spanish version ready to use. You can visit download page (http://code.google.com/p/hexglass/downloads/list) and get version 1.0.5. Thanks to int-0! upd2: I'm a little puzzled. I got another version of the translation to Spanish. Thank you, Ricardo! The new version is framed very competent from a technical point of view. But I do not know the Spanish language and can not estimate what translation is more correct. I'll be glad to listen to the opinion of the Hispanic community and choose the best version for the final release. So you can get both variants on project site. Version 1.0.5 -- translation by Tobias Diaz Diaz-Chiron. Version 1.0.6 -- corrections by Ricardo A. Hermosilla Carrillo. Both version are marked as "featured", couse I can not select the one. Thank you All!

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