Google Gears works on Iceweasel (Debian, Ubuntu)


How to install Google Gears on Iceweasel.

Everybody knows Iceweasel is actually Firefox 3, everyboby except Google. When you visit, an ugly message says “your browser is not supported”.

The solution is easy: trivial user agent cheating Smiling

  1. Point your iceweasel to “about:config”.
  2. Find a key called “general.useragent.extra.firefox” and edit to “Firefox/3.0.5”
  3. Then, visit again and install.

Remember activate the add-on and set the permissions to the gears web applications.


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User Agent Switch

You can also use the "User Agent Switch" add-on for Iceweasel. Just create a new user agent in the add-on's Preferences, and it will work fine.


Does it works with a 64 bit

Does it works with a 64 bit processor?